Qualifications and Experience

Simon is the Managing Partner of BPS Recovery and Reconstruction.  He is a Chartered Accountant, a Registered Trustee in Bankruptcy and is both a Registered and Official Liquidator taking appointments from the Supreme Court and Federal Court.

Since starting his career with Australia’s largest specialist insolvency firm in 1988, Simon has worked on several thousand personal and corporate insolvency files, gaining a huge amount of experience in the best way to achieve the best possible outcomes from adverse circumstances.

Combining outstanding technical knowledge with an empathetic appreciation of the human impacts of insolvency, Simon is able to quickly understand the range of options available to manage financial difficulty and can clearly explain the ramifications of each alternative, meaning that you can make a confident decision.

Similarly, Simon takes an extremely commercial approach to dispute resolution and regularly assists creditors and their professional advisors in the management of informal debt recovery processes and general credit management.

Contact Details

t: +613 9670 0080

f: +613 9670 0076

m: 0419 358 917

e: snelson@bpsreconstruction.com.au

Simon Nelson