Business Overview

Mezethes Greek Taverna is an iconic part of the Tasmanian hospitality community and is a thriving business that still holds opportunity for further growth.

Mezethes has demonstrated consistent revenue growth over the last 13 years and the current owners have the luxury of being able to close the restaurant for 2 – 3 weeks every year without any concern for the income foregone.

Mezethes Greek Taverna is highly systemised, tightly controlled and has a loyal and large customer base.

The business has a complete sales history that clearly shows peak trading periods and this makes planning for inventory, staff and other resources relatively simple.

But the business is not fully optimised.  Further growth is possible in a number of areas and the current owners have identified a number of opportunities that could be pursued by a new management team.

Whilst the Spandonis family are keen to move on, Mezethes Greek Taverna will remain.  The only real question is “Will you be the new host ?”

This is the first time that Mezethes Greek Taverna has ever been offered for sale – and it won’t last long…

Business Price and Terms of Sale

Mezethes Greek Taverna is offered for sale on the following terms and conditions:

Lease: Included – to be assigned from 28 Siede Court Pty Ltd

Licences to Occupy: Included – to be assigned from 28 Siede Court Pty Ltd

Plant and Equipment: Included – to be sold by 28 Siede Court Pty Ltd

Intellectual Property: Includes all business systems, recipes, menus, financial information, supplier information, brands, intangible property and rights – to be sold by Mezethes Salamanca Pty Ltd

Employees: The purchaser will have the right, but not the obligation, to engage the current employees of Mezethes Salamanca Pty Ltd, on terms no worse than those currently in place.  The purchaser may assume employee liabilities and deduct that sum from the gross sale price.

Training: The current owners will provide a training period of 30 days maximum duration during which time the purchaser may videotape, photograph or otherwise record conversations, systems, procedures and any other necessary information to ensure proper transfer of the intellectual property.  The current owners agree to attend the business for a maximum of 300 hours (an average of 10 man-hours per day in total).

Going Concern Sale: The vendor and the purchaser agree that the sale of the business is the sale of a going concern and no GST is payable in respect of the sale of the business.

Price: $1.3 million plus stock at valuation

Inventory / Stock: Stock on hand is estimated to have a value of approximately $30,000 and may include GST.

Contact Details

Craig Seymour

m: 0417 564 727