BPS Reconstruction and Recovery

We take a different approach to insolvency management,
focussing on achieving the best possible outcome
from complex and demanding circumstances.


Choose the Right Path

You need to understand the options available
so that you can make sensible, informed decisions.


Bad news never gets better with time

Now is the time to ask the hard questions.
You don't need to face tough times alone.


Solutions that Fit

Our specialty is understanding problems
and developing effective and efficient solutions
to suit challenging circumstances.


We can help

Maybe you don't need a formal insolvency solution.
You might just need a clear plan to fix a short term problem.
Why not take a few minutes to understand what BPS could do for you.



We’re insolvency management professionals and we’ll design a solution to achieve the best possible outcome in difficult circumstances.

Case Studies

Click here to see some examples of the outcomes we’ve achieved.


Our people are experts in their fields.  Click here to find out more about our senior staff.

Business Opportunities

From time to time our engagements result in opportunities to sell businesses, or to sell income generating assets.

Providing a different approach for the management of personal and corporate insolvency