A Selection of Case Studies

Case Studies

Here’s some examples of administrations our team has managed

Acquisition and Merger

Our client had developed an IT business over a number of years that had grown to be profitable and stable.  Taking a strategic look at their industry…

Business Restructure and Sale

Our clients had a number of businesses operating from single location in regional Australia and wanted to realise the businesses to best effect…

Commercial Debt Recovery

Our clients were referred to us by their solicitor.  They had invested in a property development nearly 6 years previously and had been provided with…


Insolvency is a highly specialised area of accounting and, practically, is close to a hybrid profession between commercial law and management consulting. The truth is that there is very little “number crunching” in insolvency work and lots of investigative research and asset recovery work.

Case Study

Our client was a secured creditor to a solar panel retailer and installer operating in 3 States. Whilst our client had a nominee Director sitting on the Board of the Company, the information available was late, inaccurate and focussed on the wrong metrics.