About BPS Reconstruction & Recovery

About our company & our specialists

We work with individuals and businesses in financial difficulty with the core objective of delivering the best possible outcome from a demanding situation.

What we do..

BPS Reconstruction and Recovery is an insolvency management firm based in Melbourne, Australia with an affiliated office in Sydney.

We know that bad news never gets better with time. The simple truth is that businesses fail and then they die. That means that in each and every case, there’s a window of time when the damage can be minimised. That’s why it’s important to act early – but that doesn’t mean rushing in blindly.

When faced with a difficult situation, it’s critically important to understand the options available so that decisions can be made that will minimise the harm to everyone involved.

Our approach…

Rather than charging in with all guns blazing, we use our combination of qualifications, multi-disciplinary skills and experience to:

  1. Quickly and efficiently analyse complex situations to understand the problem.
  2. Evaluate the various strategies available to develop commercial solutions.
  3. Implement a planned solution to deliver the best possible outcome.

Our results…

Using the BPS approach, we generate:

  1. Better outcomes for professionals – helping them to discharge their professional responsibilities to their clients.
  2. Better outcomes for creditors – maximising returns through a modern approach to insolvency management.
  3. Better outcomes for individuals – minimising long term damage and giving hope for a better future.


Insolvency is a highly specialised area of accounting and, practically, is close to a hybrid profession between commercial law and management consulting. The truth is that there is very little “number crunching” in insolvency work and lots of investigative research and asset recovery work.

Case Study

Our client was a secured creditor to a solar panel retailer and installer operating in 3 States. Whilst our client had a nominee Director sitting on the Board of the Company, the information available was late, inaccurate and focussed on the wrong metrics.