Careers @ BPS Reconstruction & Recovery


We’ll help you build a career as an insolvency management and turnaround specialist

Opportunities at BPS Reconstruction and Recovery..

BPS Reconstruction and Recovery is always looking for talented individuals in the following fields:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Insolvency Management

We usually recruit staff at two levels; either as graduates who are prepared to work hard and learn just what it takes to work as a genuine insolvency management and turnaround specialist over a 3 – 7 year timeframe, or senior staff who have already developed expertise in one or more areas of business who are looking to expand their existing skills so that that they can offer more to their networks.

Resumes, together with covering letters, should be sent to


Insolvency is a highly specialised area of accounting and, practically, is close to a hybrid profession between commercial law and management consulting. The truth is that there is very little “number crunching” in insolvency work and lots of investigative research and asset recovery work.

Case Study

Our client was a secured creditor to a solar panel retailer and installer operating in 3 States. Whilst our client had a nominee Director sitting on the Board of the Company, the information available was late, inaccurate and focussed on the wrong metrics.